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You deserve to know where I stand

On #RedforEd

I've been meeting with and listening to our educators about the challenges they face and am working with my colleagues in the State House, Senate, and the Governor's office.  This is a difficult issue that we are working hard to fix, and I am 100% committed to funding education and bringing about a responsible and sustainable solution. 



On taxation and fiscal responsibility

I support the following policies that I believe will foster rebuilding the economy and creating jobs.

  • Taxation:   I believe fair and simple taxes will promote economic stability and growth.  To that end I oppose tax policies that deliberately divide Americans or promote class warfare. Because of the vital role of religious organizations, charities, and fraternal benevolent societies play in fostering generosity, charity and patriotism, these organizations should not be subject to taxation and donations to them should remain deductible.  I further support the Arizona Tax Credit programs that help fund schools and qualified charitable organizations.
  • Homeownership: I believe that homeownership expands personal liberty, builds communities, and helps Americans create wealth. “The American Dream” is not a stale slogan. It is the aspiration of all our people. It means a decent place to live, a safe place to raise kids, a welcoming place to retire. I support policies that make responsible home ownership possible and rental policies that make it possible for people to acquire safe housing at affordable rates.
  • Technology / Business:  I envision state and local governments as a partner with individuals and industries in technological progress. We need to create a business climate that rewards risk and promotes innovation, a learning system that gives Americans the skills needed to seize the opportunities of the 21st century, and to build international partnerships that maintain a fair and open global market for America’s goods and services.
  • Small Business and Entrepreneurship:  A central reason why the 20th century came to be called the American Century was the ability of individuals to invent and create in a land of free markets. As a small business owner, I have experienced both the challenges and rewards of building a business.  I know what it takes to work through the night to get the job done, what it is to have employees who look to me for their livelihood when times are tough, and have experienced the joy and satisfaction at seeing my dreams become reality.  But the sad truth is,  more businesses are closing in our country than are starting. Productivity growth has slowed and overreaching regulation has made business ownership more difficult and in some cases, impossible.  I will support policies that will make the dream of business ownership more accessible to more Arizonans.
  • Responsible State Budgeting:  I support a balanced, fiscally conservative state budget that meets our needs and obligations to the people of Arizona without spending more than we take it.

On constitutional issues

  • Sanctity of Human Life:  I believe in the sanctity of human life and affirm that the unborn child has a fundamental right to life which cannot be infringed.  I will oppose the use of public funds to perform or promote abortion or to fund organizations, like Planned Parenthood, so long as they provide or refer for elective abortions or sell fetal body parts rather than provide healthcare. I believe it should be a crime to acquire, transfer, or sell fetal tissues from elective abortions for research, and would support a ban on any sale of fetal body parts.  I support the appointment of judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity of innocent human life.  I strongly oppose the non-consensual withholding or withdrawal of care or treatment, including food and water, from individuals with disabilities, newborns, the elderly, or the infirm, and also oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide.
  • Religious Liberty:  The Bill of Rights lists religious liberty, with its rights of conscience, as the first freedom to be protected. Religious freedom in the Bill of Rights protects the right of the people to practice their faith in their everyday lives. As George Washington taught, “religion and morality are indispensable supports” to a free society. Similarly, Thomas Jefferson declared that “No provision in our Constitution ought to be dearer to man than that which protects the rights of conscience against the enterprises of the civil authority.” Ongoing attempts to compel individuals, businesses, and institutions of faith to transgress their beliefs are part of a misguided effort to undermine religion and drive it from the public square.  Places of worship for the first time in our history have reason to fear the loss of tax-exempt status merely for espousing and practicing traditional religious beliefs that have been held across the world for thousands of years, and for almost four centuries in America. We value the right of America’s religious leaders to preach, and Americans to speak freely, according to their faith.  I will support laws that confirm the longstanding American tradition that religious individuals and institutions can educate young people, receive government benefits, and participate in public debates without having to check their religious beliefs at the door.  I also support the right of the people to conduct their businesses in accordance with their religious beliefs and condemn public officials who have proposed boycotts against businesses that support traditional marriage. I will fight to protect those business owners who have been subjected to hate campaigns, threats of violence, and other attempts to deny their civil rights simply because of their religious beliefs.


on issues specific to the state of arizona

  • Agriculture and Ranching:  Farmers and ranchers are among Arizona's leading conservationists. Modern farm practices and technologies, supported by programs from the Department of Agriculture, have led to reduced erosion, improved water and air quality, increased wildlife habitat, all the while maintaining improved agricultural yields. This stewardship of the land benefits everyone, and I am committed to conservation policies based on the preservation, not the restriction, of working lands. For this reason, ranching on public lands must be fostered, developed, and encouraged. This includes providing for an abundant water supply for America’s farmers, ranchers, and their communities.
  • Energy Policy:  Energy is both an economic and national security issue. I support the enactment of policies to increase domestic energy production, including production on public lands which will reduce America’s vulnerability to energy price volatility.  I support the development of all forms of energy that are marketable in a free economy without subsidies, including coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear power, and hydropower.  I further support expediting the permitting process for mineral production on public lands, and lifting restrictions to allow responsible development of nuclear energy.
  • Environmental Policy:  Conservation is inherent in conservatism. As the pioneer of environmentalism a century ago, the Republican Party reaffirms the moral obligation to be good stewards of the God-given natural beauty and resources of our country. I believe that people are the most valuable resources and that human health and safety are the proper measurements of a policy’s success.  Private land ownership has been the best guarantee of conscientious stewardship, while some of the worst instances of degradation have occurred under government control. Poverty, not wealth, is the gravest threat to the environment, while steady economic growth brings the technological advances which make environmental progress possible.  I believe environmental regulation is best administered at the state government level and support policies that further that objective.


"Understanding national and international issues is a key component to framing good policy for Arizona."

Ben Toma   |  free iran summit

Paris 2017


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It was such an honor meeting Mayor Giuliani at the Free Iran Summit in Paris, summer 2017


With Governor Doug Ducey at the State of the State Address.

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