Sponsored Bills

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I've introduced six bills to the Arizona State Legislature during the 2018 general session.  Here's how I'm working for the people of Arizona right now:

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HB2123: Director of Insurance

This bill eliminates the 3-year residency requirement for the Arizona Director of Insurance position (which has been vacant for quite awhile now). No other Director of a state agency has this requirement.  While I would like to see an Arizona resident get this appointment, which is appointed by the Governor, we should be consistent so we can hire the best talent for this position, no matter where he or she currently resides. In short, this simplifies requirements and eliminates protectionist policies from the statute. 

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HB2170: Boxing/Mixed Martial Arts Commission

This bill reauthorizes the Boxing and MMA Commission for an additional 8 years. This is required to host related boxing or MMA events in the state.   This commission pays for itself with direct fees from fighters, and there are huge economic benefits to the state from hosting these events.

HB2260: Commercial Driver's Licenses

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This bill would allow Commercial Driver's License (CDL) holders cited for minor traffic infractions while driving their personal vehicles to have the options of going to defensive driving school. Current federal regulations do not allow for this  (Title 49) which I believe to be an overreach of their power.  This Bill would apply only to minor infractions in a personal vehicle, and does not apply to any citation incurred during the course of professional driving for which a CDL is necessary. 

HB2261: Veterinary Faculty

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This bill would eliminate a specific license requirement for veterinary faculty members to teach in Arizona.  There is only one other school in the country that has this requirement, so this bill aims to increase accessibility to quality veterinary faculty in Arizona colleges and university by cutting unnecessary red tape.

HB2262: Condominium HOA Termination

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This bill provides for a dispute process for owners forced out of their condos by unscrupulous investors.

HB2263: Landlord/Tenant Security Deposits

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This bill would add parity and clarity regarding the terms under which a tenant can demand a security deposit refund from a landlord. Current law is missing this detail and it has caused confusion.

If you have any questions about these bill or anything else we're working on in the State House, please send me an email by clicking below, and I'll get back to you soon.