Everything I do is driven by my commitment to responsible government, family values, and improving our quality of life.

Ben Toma Arizona State Representative


To keep our neighborhoods safe, our border must be secure. A strong border will be able to prevent drugs, criminals, and illegal immigrants from entering our country without our knowledge. I fully support legal immigration, and I support President Trump’s wall and will do everything in my power to see it completed.


COVID-19 is a very contagious and for some, a very serious disease, but I am staunchly opposed to fighting it with government-mandated shutdowns. I believe the private sector is able to make the necessary adjustments to keep businesses open while also implementing common-sense health measures to slow the spread of the disease. The best way to defeat COVID-19 is with the strongest economy possible – not a self-inflicted weak one.


The best thing we can do for Arizona children is to give them options where to go to school. I fully support school choice. I believe competition in education is the #1 way to increase the quality of our education system and to see that our best teachers make the salaries they deserve. Throwing more and more taxpayer dollars at education without true reform isn’t the answer. The system needs fixing.


I’m pro-life. It’s a shame to see the liberal media hype up certain kinds of violence while completely ignoring the thousands of lives lost each day due to abortion. The rights of the unborn must be protected, and I will ALWAYS fight attempts by Democrats to make access to abortions easier.


I believe the best way to grow the economy and recover from this downturn is to get the government out of the way. Regulations that hinder growth need to be repealed, and government budgets must be scrutinized so we can trim bloat and reduce taxes. Business owners will invest their capital to expand and create jobs if they can keep more of their hard-earned money and have less red tape to deal with.

Government Spending

Government should spend taxpayer dollars as efficiently and respectfully as possible. This means government should constantly be looking for ways to save taxpayer dollars and to ensure there is very minimal waste. Government should not bail itself out with tax hikes during economic downturns. Instead, just like any family in Arizona, it should tighten its belt, trim waste, and live within its means.

Second Amendment

I fully support our Constitutional right to bear arms. The freedom to defend oneself is a very necessary and practical freedom, especially during this time of riots and pushes to de-fund police departments. I have and will continue to oppose all efforts to curb our freedom to own and operate firearms.

Public Safety

Franky, I think it’s insane to push for de-funding the police. The vast majority of police officers are great people who try their absolute best to keep us safe while fairly enforcing the law. I will always support our law enforcement community and their efforts to keep our communities safe.


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